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Oklahoma State University

Staff Development Day

staff development day

Staff Development Day is a day dedicated to celebrating the professional development of Oklahoma State University staff. Each year, speakers provide staff with a different opportunity to be inspired in their careers and time here at OSU, and also in their personal lives. SDD is also a time to recognize the hard work of OSU staff with the presentation of the Distinguished Service Awards.

Staff Development Day 2018: March 7

Times and Location

Location: Student Union, 4th floor

Session 1: 10 - 11:30 a.m.

Session 2: 1 - 2:30 p.m.

*Lunch: 11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m., SU Ballroom

Distinguished Service Award Ceremony: Noon, SU Ballroom


*Dietary restricted meals will be available (i.e. vegan, gluten free). To request one of these options, registrants will need to email with their meal selection no later than February 26, 2018.


Share information about SDD. Download and print the SDD 2018 flier.


NOTE: When you register for lunch, please allow the system to add you to the wait-list. Once Training Services has confirmed your session registration, they will approve your wait-list request for lunch. It may take 24-48 hours before the wait-list request is approved.

Register on the Learning Management System. Please register for your session(s) and for lunch. Registration is now open! Register by February 26, 2018.

How to Register for a Session

  1. Navigate to the Learning Management System and sign in with your OKey credentials.
  2. In the search bar on the top right, search for "Staff Development Day 2018."
  3. Select the session you would like to attend and select the black "Request" button next to either the morning or afternoon option. (Remember, you may attend a morning AND an afternoon session).

How to Register for Lunch

  1. Navigate to the Learning Management System and sign in with your OKey credentials.
  2. In the search bar on the top right, search for "Staff Development Day 2018."
  3. Select "Staff Development Day 2018 - LUNCH," then select the black "Request" button.
  4. Dietary restricted meal requests must be sent to no later than February 26, 2018.


  • All four sessions will be offered in the morning (10 -11:30 a.m.) and in the afternoon (1-2:30 p.m.) You may choose to attend just one session or both a morning and afternoon session.

  • Lunch will be served at 11:30. Staff members must be registered for a session to attend the luncheon. If you attend lunch and not your registered session, you will be charged $10.

  • You must register to attend a session. Please do not show up the day of the event and try to get into a session if you fail to register.

  • If you are added to a waitlist, please do not show up for the session unless you have been released from the waitlist and registered for the session.

Anna Irwin

Create a Culture of Accountability

Most people have the tools to succeed at work, but when things go wrong they blame circumstance or others instead of looking within for the true cause of unsatisfactory results. Getting to the core of why people work as they do is a dynamic process demanding that leaders take control of the culture to create experiences that foster beliefs, drive actions and improve performance. When people take personal ownership of their organization's goals and accept responsibility for their own performance, they become more invested and work at a higher level to ensure not only their own success, but everyone's. This course will outline the steps to take to achieve a culture of positive accountability.

Nancy Gunter

Building your Personal Board of Directors”  

How important is your success?  If you had to put a percent of 0% to 100%, what percent would you put on that question?  This is the question to ask yourself when you think about putting together a Personal Board of Directors. This session will guide you in defining your Personal Board of Directors as well as how to get started and set yourself up for future success.

Greg Hawks

Unlock an Ownership Culture

There are three kinds of employees in your workplace: Owners, Renters and Vandals. This message reveals the Five Distinct Differences between Owners and Renters. Better than engagement, advancing a spirit of ownership in employees contributes to productivity and fulfillment. 

Rhett Laubach

Understanding Your Viewpoint

In this session you learn how to: Understand your influence style, understanding your strengths and weaknesses of your influence style and how can you help others make the most of your their influence style.