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Oklahoma State University

2014 Distinguished Service Award Recipients

2014 Distinguished Service Award Recipient

Dane Taylor

dane taylor

Dane Taylor is the IT Helpdesk Phone Agent Supervisor.  Dane is an OSU Graduate, loves OSU and has worked for IT for more than10 years.  Dane has been described by his peers as the hardest working individual they know.

Dane humbly states himself that “it takes everyone in a team to accomplish a goal”.  Under his supervision his team has managed to streamline the IT Help Desk Ticket System accomplishing a much improved customer service response time.

One of his nominators stated “I can’t stress enough what a valuable asset Dane is to OSU.  He strives for excellence in everything he does and he achieves it, all while staying super humble.”

Wade Pearson

wade pearson

Wade Pearson is the Manager of Video Production for OSU ITLE and has worked for ITLE for 24 years.  Wade is a 1990 Graduate of OSU

As Manager of the Production, Wade recognizes the importance of having a positive, structured climate for the ITLE Production team. Thanks to Wade and his team at ITLE, OSU has significantly increased its use of video to educate, inform and highlight OSU people and events.  His approach to his work is always that of collegiality, quick responsiveness and excellence in quality of his work.  Wade truly goes above and beyond what his job requires.

One co-worker said “Wade exemplifies what anyone would hope for in a staff member by being strong in mind and body, with great professionalism while displaying the cowboy spirit”.

Clint Parker

clint parker

Clint Parker is the Senior Graphic Designer for the Fire Protection Publications Department at OSU.  Clint has been described as a gifted, hard-working, imaginative, resourceful and mission-oriented with outstanding people skills.

Clint takes enormous pride in developing products that exceed both staff and customer expectations.  One Co-Worker stated that “His work makes us all look good”.

One co-worker stated “I am proud to work with such a professional young man that has brought so much to our organization and continues to give and add to our goal of developing the best training materials for fire fighters.  He is an outstanding example of what OSU and Fire Protection Publications and IFSTA strive daily to show to others.”

Gertie Mulder

gertie mulder

Gertie Mulder is the Administrative Assistant in the OSU Department of Zoology.  She has been a part of the Zoology Department for 23 years. According to her Co-workers she does an outstanding job for her department going above and beyond her many job duties.  A quote from one of her nominee’s was “ I can honestly say that I have never heard a negative comment about Ms. Mulder’s performance.  The faculty, staff and students in Zoology appreciate not only her professional, positive demeanor but her heart-felt friendship.”

Gertie is also known for her genuine concern for everyone including students.  For example she went the extra mile helping a part-time student worker during her medical battles by arranging all aspects of her short-term separation from work and academics and coordinating donations from staff and faculty for gifts and flowers.

A coworker said it well, ”The wonderful aspect of Gertie is that she does all these jobs and tasks with such a positive, can-do attitude that it sets a terrific atmosphere for the entire department.”

Bryan West

bryan west

Bryan West is the Coordinator for the Fire Service Training Professional Skills Center and has supported this area since 2000. 

Bryan coordinates the Fire Service Training facilities.  This is no small task with 85 percent of the training being held off campus. There are many times when he works seven days a week to deliver needed training facilities across the state and on campus.

Bryan strives daily to represent OSU and OSU Fire Service Training in a professional manner and is a team player and true leader.   A quote from one of his co-workers best describes his dedication to OSU Fire Service Training and his team when they said “Bryan loves Oklahoma State!!  He ALWAYS displays, proudly, his Oklahoma State Pride in the way he approaches some very long days.  He is the kind of boss that each employee wants to work for each and every day!!  He expects nothing less than excellence from his employees and he is right there beside them every day!”


Cindy George

cindy george

Cindy George is the Senior Administrative Support Specialist for the Department of Wellness in the Seretean Wellness Center.

Since 2009 Cindy has worked as the first point of contact each day for  the Wellness Center greeting visitors with a positive attitude, high energy, and warm and welcoming spirit. Cindy is said to love OSU employees and will do her best to accommodate registration requests going above and beyond to help them.

The many job duties that Cindy performs daily while keeping her poise and composure says volumes about her as a professional.

Cindy has been described by her coworkers as the glue for SWC.  She is truly an employee that supports the philosophy of being an OSU family.


Eileen Nelson

eileen nelson

Eileen Nelson is the Administrative Support Assistant in the Chemical Engineering Department. As the Receptionist and the first person you see in her department Eileen is said to have a lasting positive impression that is infectious.  Without trying she provides a calming influence and unknowingly helps shape the attitude of all who work in or visit the department.

Eileen has gone over and above her job duties to be the creative force behind the department’s video information board, banners, T-shirts logos, annual reports and drawings.  She is said to spend extra time with the students in after-hours events, contests, and banquets, honoring them in their quest for and celebration of excellence.

Her value is diverse and she makes all that she does for the Chemical Engineering Department seem effortless.

Carol Beier

carol beier

Carol Beier is the Director for the Didactic Program in Dietetics as well as the Assistant Director of Dietetic Internship in the Nutritional Sciences Department.  Carol is fully dedicated to service for her department and college and especially to the students that she advices and mentors.

Carol serves as an academic adviser to approximately 50 dietetics students and works with graduating seniors to help in their internship placements.  Both undergrad and grad students know Carol as someone who is always willing to help, listen and find solutions and always has an open door.

Carol is also known for working as a team player with faculty.  She does an outstanding job of recognizing differences in opinion while encouraging everyone to come together to make changes that are in the best interest of the students.

One of her coworkers stated it simply  “Carol gets it done.”

Brenda Miller

brenda miller

Brenda Miller is the Senior Administrative Support Specialist for University Assessment and Testing.  Brenda has been with this department for 30 years happily serving everyone with a wonderful attitude and a great sense of humor. 

Brenda has a commitment to OSU that shines through her work and she is truly dedicated to her job.  As a Specialist she is always on top of her duties adhering to detail and following all the stringent testing policies and guidelines.  She does this with ease and helps her coworkers and customers at the center understand them better.

One of her coworkers stated that Brenda Miller is always giving praise and recognition of others while being very humble about her own accomplishments.  She is a true treasure of Oklahoma State University and deserves recognition for the significant contribution she has made.

Jason Young

jason young

Jason Young is the Quality Management & Global Food Safety Initiative Specialist for the OSU Food & Ag Products Center.  Jason has worked for at the Center since 2001. 

As a Specialist with multiple Certifications, Jason has provided excellent service to Oklahoma’s food industry and OSU Graduate Food Science program with his extensive knowledge of safety and quality management.

It has been said that in the past 13 years Jason’s safety and efficiency efforts has affected every faculty and staff member in the FAPC in some way.  His dedication to FAPC and OSU serves as a positive model for all he comes in contact with at OSU and beyond.


Aaron Lea

aaron lea

Aaron Lea is a Groundskeeper I for OSU Facilities Management Services.  Aaron takes great pride in his job and OSU.  He was the Physical Plant Employee of the year in 2014. 

Aaron handles all of his assignments professionally and is always willing to give a helping hand to co-workers or whoever needs it.  Aaron has always gone above and beyond his job requirements.  He is willing to take that extra step to satisfy the customer.

Aaron has a wonderful grasp of what customer service is all about which in turn makes him a great ambassador for OSU.

Jessica Stewart

jessica stweart

Jessica Stewart is the Program Manager for the New Product Development Center .

Jessica has been very proactive in supporting the growth of the NCPDC.  The unit has expanded three fold and she has expanded her effort and responsibility to keep pace with this growth.  It would not have been possible for the unit to grow at this pace without Jessica’s dedication.

Jessica has also played a major role in shaping the unit and it’s reputation as seen by the University, the State of Oklahoma and the Federal Government.  One of her Peers said it well by stating that “Ms. Stewart’s job performance is exemplary and she deserves recognition.”

Elaine Johns

elaine johns

Elaine Johns is the Technical training Coordinator for the Institute for Teaching & Learning Excellence.  Elaine has served OSU for 25 years.

Elaine is responsible for a wide variety of technologies across campus and works with individuals from a variety of disciplines to meet their hardware, software and telecommunications needs.  She does all of this while working to keep ITLE up to date with the latest computers, device and technical acumen required.

Elaine cares about doing the highest-quality job possible while making sure she gets to know the customers she serves and how to meet their needs.

One of her peers said “When I think of someone who embodies the spirit of service in his or her employment at OSU, one name repeatedly rises to the top:  Elaine Johns.”