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Oklahoma State University

2016 Distinguished Service Award Recipients

2016 Distinguished Service Award Recipient

Lory Ferguson

Lory has worked for OSU for almost 20 years in a variety of positions. In her current position she has become known as the “go to person” for questions regarding administrative policies and procedures both within her college and the university. She is an effective multi-tasker with a positive attitude toward faculty, staff, and students she interacts with. She takes the time to get to know people as people, regardless of their background, heritage, education, etc. She also recognizes the value of lifelong learning and has earned all of the staff certification opportunities available here at OSU which has increased her value to her school and college. One of her colleagues said, “OSU is better for her being here, and CEAT is better for her contribution to the college."


Matt Beck

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Matt is the associate director for the Department of Wellness and has served at OSU in this capacity for one year. Matt is responsible for the operations of the Colvin Recreation Center and Seretean Wellness Center and the programs the Department of Wellness provides. Leadership is his specialty. He trusts his staff to do their best, and he provides mentorship as needed. Under his guidance, this last year has arguable been the department’s most successful to date. 

Becky Carroll

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Becky Carroll currently serves a Senior Agriculturist for the Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture and has served at OSU for 28 years! Becky not only coordinates pecan and grape workshops and helps daily on the station; she teaches in the formal extension classroom and provides a wealth of knowledge and experience in nearly every situation. Becky has been a respected presence, benevolent educator, and unwavering resource at OSU in so many capacities.

 Palgunan Kalyanaraman

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Palgunan currently serves as a research specialist for the Robert M. Kerr Food and Agricultural Products Center, and has served at OSU for 14 years. He tests fruit and vegetable products for various physical and chemical properties. The results must be complete and accurate as they are used to categorize food products and to make safe processing recommendations. One of Palgunan’s co-workers said “Pal is accommodating and flexible with his schedule, sometimes at the last minute, as he understands the importance of running just-in-time tests.

Jacque Lochmiller

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Jacque has been employed at OSU for 32 years is currently the Director of administrative support services for the college of Human Sciences. Her latest major project has been overseeing the addition of the Human Sciences north wing. The amount of time she put into this project and the way she worked with different groups of stakeholders is amazing. Jacque loves OSU and gives back to the university in many ways. For example, she has served as the United Way Chair for the College of Human Sciences since 1990. That’s commitment!

Jana Moore

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Jana currently serves as a senior administrative support specialist in Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering, but to the students she is known as the “BAE mom”. She has served OSU for 16 years. Jana works with student recruiting, advising, placement, and financial aid. She follows each student during their entire educational process to make sure they graduate. One of her co-workers said “Jana is usually the first person that alumni want to see when they return to campus.”


Renee Nelson

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Renee is currently the milling and baking specialist for the Robert M. Kerr Food and Agricultural Products Center. She has served at OSU for 18 years! She works with small businesses that use Oklahoma wheat varieties and helps her clients with marketing, processing, packaging, equipment, technology, and anything else the client might need to be successful. She has worked with more repeat clients than anyone else at the Center. Her success enabled one company to extend their business revenue by more than $1 million dollars!

Dianna Ross

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Dianna serves as the Director of the Child Development Lab for the Department of Human Development and Family Science. She has served OSU for 10 years. Dianna is responsible for keeping every accreditation up to date and ensuring every policy is being followed. She upholds the strictest standards for excellence to ensure the children receive the best education experience possible. Dianna considers the CDL and its families to be an extension of her own because she genuinely cares about the children, families, staff, and teachers.


Asfaha Iob

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Asfaha currently serves as a lab coordinator the Chemistry Department, and he has served at Oklahoma State for 16 years. He is responsible for managing all undergraduate general chemistry labs, creating new labs when the textbook labs are insufficient, teaching general chemistry courses, and updating lab manuals. Many former students have said “If it wasn’t for Iob, I wouldn’t have passed chemistry…and he wasn’t even my professor!”

Linda Marlow

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Linda currently serves as a housekeeper for the Department of Wellness. She has served OSU for 9 years. She maintains high standards for cleanliness and patrons routinely comment on the appearance of her area. Linda’s main area is the women’s locker room. She started decorating the locker room so the girls would feel special and know that they are someone. She is ambitious and always willing to go the extra mile. You can tell that Linda loves her job!

Karen Smith

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Karen is the Conference and Workshop Coordinator for the Robert M. Kerr Food & Ag Products Center and has been employed at OSU for 19 years. In her current position, she is responsible for arranging all the details for more than 50 conferences, workshops, and trainings each year for around 2,000 total attendees. It is her responsibility to plan and care for all of these attendees just as if each one was her best friend. Karen has a great attitude and is well liked by the faculty and staff she works with.

Concepcion Vivar

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Concepcion Vivar currently serves as a Cashier for University Dining Services and has served at OSU for 20 years! Charged with being the face of OSU's dining facilities by cashiering, she serves OSU with great care, energy, and work ethic. Concepcion treats each customer as if they were her own son or daughter. Though small, she is mighty! She makes you feel like you are the most important person in the room and is one shining example of what makes OSU a great place to work.


Sharon Worrell

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Sharon currently serves as the Alumni Affairs specialist for the Center of Veterinary Health Sciences. She has served at OSU for seven years. Sharon works to secure donations and donors for the college as well as get the alumni more connected. She ‘walks the walk’ meaning Sharon also supports the veterinary center by giving financially, bringing personal items from home to put finishing touches at events, and participating in fundraising events. Her co-workers say she works tirelessly to make sure events are planned, organized, and implemented to perfection.