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Oklahoma State University

2018 Distinguished Service Award Recipients

DSA winners and finalists 2018
Pictured (left to right): Stacie McGrew, Moria Harmon, Andrea Graves, Mike Hunsucker, Wayne Kiner, Jacque Lochmiller, Bonnie Sarhan, Michael Melancon, Chelsea Wooldridge and Laura Lee Brown.

Distinguished Service Award Winners

First Place: Mike Hunsucker

Have you ever wondered if there is anyone at Oklahoma State University who truly is irreplaceable? Mike Hunsucker is that one person. Customer service! Mike epitomizes “distinguished service” at Oklahoma State University. His daily duties include serving and working with hundreds of employees at OSU to coordinate scheduling for approximately 8,000 – 9,000 active sections of approximately 140 different subjects. His job at OSU could be considered one

of the toughest and most critical as without him (and the team he supervises), we would not be able to hold regular classes and ultimately serve our students. Mike’s many years at OSU have given him a wealth of information across many areas/platforms. Being in his position throughout the transition from SIS to Banner, he is able to provide anyone (but especially new employees) with invaluable historical information about processes, both of the registrar’s office and overall classroom management. He never fails to solve a scheduling problem. Mike has been a savior many times over -- always a last minute save. His sense of character and internal source of motivation stems from his ability to serve others. This is why he will answer an email while on

vacation, pick up the phone and walk you through procedures/ processes that he has outlined for you before, developed intricate error checks to make sure classroom schedules are accurately developed (not a small feat when thinking about the tens of thousands of course sections scheduled each semester), worked to offer campus-wide training each year and continues to look for ways to improve and preserve a positive experience for all (students and faculty) associated with the use of classroom usage on campus. You will always find him celebrating special events with his team, wearing orange on Friday and literally going the “extra mile” consistently.

Second Place: Wayne Kiner

Wayne has an extraordinary ability to get things done and make things happen. He supports teaching, research and Extension efforts through his position. Wayne works to make everyone else’s work better. As manager of BAE’s machine/fabrication shop he works with both students within the Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering and across campus. Wayne is a master of knowing what is important in a project and finding a solution to it. He continually goes above and beyond his assigned duties to assure that faculty and student research projects are designed and manufactured in a timely manner and to exact specifications.

Third Place: Jacque Lochmiller

Jacque is a truly dedicated professional who demonstrates an exceptional level of loyal service to Oklahoma State University. Jacque is highly engaged in an array of responsibilities that are vital to the success of the University and College of Human Sciences. In addition to these demanding professional roles, she continually engages in service activities that are important to the university, her college, and the community of Stillwater. Her value to the workplace is not easily described as her duties go across various aspects of our faculty and staffs' daily work. Jacque is passionate about the college and OSU.

Distinguished Service Award Finalists

Laura Lee Brown

Laura's performance consistently exceeds the job requirements. She always strives to give her very best and exhibits the highest level of performance I have seen among staff members here as well as at other places I have served. Her performance is exceptional and she consistently performs above expectation.

Andrea Graves

Andrea is a Business & Marketing Specialist at the Robert M. Kerr Food & Agricultural Products Center. Her position is vital to the success of FAPC activities, and her responsibilities include the initiation, management and successful timely conclusion of client projects. She provides leadership for scores of rather diverse projects each year, including those from the Oklahoma baking, food processing, pet food, beverage, processed meats, poultry, confections, seasonings, and other specialty products businesses. She must be able to align easily and quickly with business clients, be able to understand their needs and expected outcomes, and be able to assemble a technical and business team as needed.

Moria Harmon

Moria is an incredible unsung hero in the Department of Integrative Biology. She manages the teaching laboratories for BIOL 1114 Introductory Biology, a course that has over 1,200 students in some semesters. She is a meticulously organized person who has absolute dedication to her work, a dedication that goes beyond the professional and into the personal. She wants to get everything right for each laboratory our students undertake, so she takes every possible step to organize everything perfectly.

Stacie McGrew

Stacie is a Sr. Financial Assistant in the office of the Bursar. Stacie has worked in the Bursar Office since 2013 in different positions. She has always gone above and beyond her duties to ensure account holders are treated with respect and kindness. Her customer service skills are excellent as well as her ability to interact with students, staff, families, and outside clients. She wants students to obtain their college education and goes beyond her roll to assist with ways to pay for college.

Michael Melancon

Mike is dedicated to his customers, his job and the success of the college and students he serves. He always has a positive outlook and is willing to assist anytime he is asked or needed. He has stayed late and come in early to complete projects as needed. Even when tasked with a difficult last minute situation, he does the job with a smile always giving 110 percent.

Bonnie Sarhan

Ban (Bonnie) has always gone and beyond to assist faculty, students, and colleagues at her department. She has been known to be an epitome of hard work and serving others. She is always cheerful and pleasant to work with. Bonnie works hard to get things completed not only in a timely manner but also accurately. She is very responsible and does not shy away from stepping up.

Chelsea Wooldridge

Chelsea has been the go to person within the School of Architecture for many years, and she continues to amaze with her organizational skills and pleasant demeanor on daily matters and in times of crisis. Chelsea is always happy to help out in any way she can, and she constantly takes on tasks that are beyond her scope of work with a willing attitude. She is interested in the success of those around her and is willing to help staff, students and faculty at the School of Architecture, as well as Oklahoma State University to achieve their goals and the mission of the School, College, and University.