Current SAC Recommendations

The Staff Advisory Council  committees review University Polices and make recommendations for additions or changes as deemed appropriate by the committee and its research. The following is a listing of recommendations that have been approved by the Council to forward to Administration seeking action.  Once a recommendation is forwarded to the OSU Administration for action, they may approve it as written, modify it, or not take any action at all and deny the recommendation. Below is the list of recommedations forwarded to Administration and the action that was taken.

Issues Before the Council

Recommendation Code/ Date Issue Summary Submitted By Submitted to Administration Status Admistration's Response/ Notes
150211PBB-36 Implement public access to AEDs (automated external defibrillators) at Oklahoma State University PB&B May-15 COMPLETE [OSU Police Patrol cars will have AED device]
No Number Guns on College Campuses Resolution PB&B June-15 NO ACTION NEEDED Provided Administration with a resolution to support the current policy of regulating weapons, etc on campus
150610PBB-37 OSU Sick Leave Policy Update (Maternity/Paternity Leave) Policies 3-0716 & 3-0708 PB&B June-15 & reworded & resubmitted on Jan-16 NOT APPROVED MAY 2016  
150610PBB-38 OSU Policy 3-0331 Adm & Finance regarding the five continuous days of annual leave for employees handling cash PB&B June-15 & reworded & resubmitted on Jan-16 PENDING OSU Accounting reviewing policy.
20151111PBB-39 Staff Dependent 100% Tuition Waiver PB&B Feb-16 COMPLETE Effective Fall 2017