The Council consists of 27 representatives elected from the staff of the Oklahoma State University Stillwater campus. According to the SAC Constitution and Bylaws, one-third of the membership shall be elected each year.

The 2017 elections were held April 24 - May 5, 2017. 

There are currently nine at-large seats, each a three year term (2017-2020), open for election.

2017 Candidate Information

Kimberly Anderson

kimberly anderson

" I served on the Staff Advisory Council for a few years while working at Oklahoma State University Physical Plant Services, which is now Facilities Management. I feel she can help make a difference for the people in the University and for my colleagues. I have served on the United Way Program for the School of Civil & Environmental Engineering for four years and have provided them with helpful tips how to raise money for our school and community. Growing up, I was involved in 4-H programs, where I learned about being a leader and how to make a difference, whether it be for fundraising, events, or being able to represent my chapter very well. It takes dedication to be involved in organizations and programs. I feel that I can be responsible, dependable and reliable."

Katie Carr

katie carr

"I am an alumna of Oklahoma State University and a supervisor in Student Union Dining. My personal philosophy is to go into work with a good attitude and a desire to improve. Now, I set my vision farther ahead. Not only do I want to improve myself, but I want to help improve the policies and environment that myself and my fellow staff members work in. I want to join the Staff Advisory Council to make this a reality. With a position on the council, I will serve with all the enthusiasm and good attitude I live by."

Tashia Cheves

tahsia cheves

"I have served as the Administrative Support Specialist in the Colvin Recreation Center Business Office for the Department of Wellness for the past year. I thrive on working with people and serving students. Although I have only served in my current position for one year, I have worked within the Oklahoma State University Department of Wellness for six years and pride myself on being a team-player who supports the efforts of the department. In my short first year, I took the initiative to complete the requirements to receive my Ambassador Certificate and have also begun the Leadership Development Program. I enjoy learning the ins and outs of what makes Oklahoma State function at the level of excellence that it does. Whether in my professional life or my personal life, I greatly enjoy helping others to set goals and find ways to strategically meet those goals or adjust them to be practical and SMART. Having a background in public speaking, education, event planning, and communications/marketing, I feel that I would fit well within the Staff Advisory Council and could use by strengths to assist and support the efforts of the committees. Additionally, I believe that being a part of the Staff Advisory Council is a great way to collaborate with, as well as learn from, other professionals on campus. Being not only an employee, but also an OSU Alumna, the goals and functions of the University are important to me. If granted the opportunity, I would utilize my skills, strengths, and abilities to support the objective of strengthening University goals and functions while serving my fellow staff members with humility."

Elaine Johns

elaine johns

"I have worked at OSU-ITLE (Formerly ETS) as a staff member for 23 years. My role as Events and Conferencing Services Technical Coordinator allows me to work with faculty and staff to utilize services such as web conferencing, audio conferencing, and Polycom systems for interactive classes, legal depositions, departmental meetings and so much more. I have built a reputation of being prompt, honest, trustworthy and detail oriented. I love talking with people and assessing what works and what does not work.  I am not afraid to try new things. Failure just means I need to look at other options. 

I work with staff and faculty from every department on the Stillwater campus, along with several branch campus locations across the state. I had the pleasure of being nominated for the 2014 for the Distinguished Service Award, where I was a Semi-Finalist. It was exciting and humbling to be nominated by my peers.  SAC provides staff with much needed rewards and recognition opportunities and I hope to be a part of that process. 

For those of you who know me, you know I love what I do and that I look forward to helping wherever I can. I bring technical skills, coordinating skills and tons of knowledge from all kinds of resources that I feel will benefit the Staff Advisory Council and staff like you at OSU. I would be honored to be your voice and provide quality time and input on topics that you feel are important. Thank you for your time and service to OSU, it is invaluable!"

Gary Lawson

gary lawson

"I’m a big believer in being fully committed to whatever I do. I’ve never been satisfied doing just one thing, the bare minimum, just showing up. During my 10 years as a photographer for University Marketing, I have had the opportunity to meet a great number of staff and faculty, many of whom I have forged positive personal and professional relationships with. I’ve always considered myself “from Stillwater,” having attending public school since the sixth grade and later OSU where I studied photojournalism. I continued my connection to Stillwater as a photographer for the NewsPress for seven and a half years. Having been away for more than 15 years, I considered it a golden opportunity to return to Stillwater as an employee at Oklahoma State, and I have embraced the Cowboy community ever since.

So now I am facing yet another great opportunity to grow and to be fully committed in another facet – to give back to the OSU community. I feel with my experience in communication and building relationships with co-workers, that I would be a positive member of the Staff Advisory Council. I have attended many of the events sponsored by SAC and I enjoy the sense of camaraderie and fellowship those events inspire. I look forward to the chance to work side-by-side with other like-minded individuals to continue to make Oklahoma State a rewarding place to be."

Kristi Wheeler

kristi wheeler

"My name is Kristi Wheeler and I have worked at Oklahoma State University in the College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology for more than 18 years. While working full-time, I earned my bachelor’s degree in Psychology here at OSU. I believe that OSU has provided me many, many opportunities over the years, both personal and professional, and would consider it an honor and privilege to give back by serving on OSU’s Staff Advisory Council. Furthermore, I would like the opportunity to pass along the privileges OSU has provided me in sustaining OSU’s commitment to excellence for years to come.

I started working at OSU in 1999 as a Senior Secretary in Engineering Distance Education. At that time, I took advantage of OSU’s Faculty/Staff Tuition and Fee Waiver policy, working full-time and going to school part-time while raising two wonderful children. Since then, I earned my degree, and worked my way up into the position I’m currently in as the manager in Engineering Distance Education.

OSU’s staff plays a vital role in the success of students. Over the years, I have met and worked with some of the most outstanding individuals, and I take pride in being a part of the OSU team! Go Pokes!"

Aaron Moore (incumbent)

aaron moore

I would like to continue to serve on the Staff Advisory Council. I have worked at OSU for more than 18 years as an electrician. I enjoy working with others and making a difference in the workplace. I also like helping people in any way I can.

John Stephens (incumbent)

john stephens

"I am an Oklahoma State University graduate and have worked for OSU for seven years with Landscape Services and have served on Staff Advisory Council for the past four years. Serving on SAC has been a high honor of my OSU career. I love OSU and I love helping people. Serving on SAC gives me the opportunity to do both daily. I would be honored to continue representing the interests of the OSU staff as we develop new policies and procedures that influence our professional welfare."

Victoria Windiate (incumbent)

victoria windiate

"I have been employed at the Oklahoma Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory and the Center for Veterinary Health Sciences since 2001. As Informatics for OADDL and Safety Officer for the CVHS, I network closely on a daily basis with other staff, faculty and administration of my department, my college and main campus.

I graduated from Oklahoma State University in 1988 with the degree of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. Our two older children are graduates of OSU and our third child is currently a junior here at OSU.

Being a graduate, the parent of a student and an employee of OSU, I have a perspective that enables me to appreciate how OSU policy and procedure, especially in the areas of budget cuts and continued student tuition/fee increases, and how it affects our work and lives as staff on a daily basis.  

I am a current member of the Staff Advisory Council and would like to continue to contribute my time and effort to specifically be a voice for the staff of the CVHS, as well as, for the campus-wide staff of Oklahoma State University."